Quotes from Taemin
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Super (Ridiculous) Junior

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When I have a chance to meet my bias



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When I have a daughter, and if she has a special dedication to a certain band, artist, and if by any chance, they live miles away from us, I will legit buy plane tickets and take my kid to wherever the fuck her future husband lives. I will take her to meetings. Buy her merch. Fangirl with her. Because I know what it feels like to have your world falling apart when you can’t meet the person you’d die for. And my daughter won’t feel that way. I won’t let her feel that way. Nope.

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Running Man Code ⇢ Favorite Gary quotes

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20 years from now
Daughter:  I have a blog.
Me:  Omg, I had a blog too when I was younger.
Daughter:  What was it about?!
Husband:  It was about me.
Me:  Haha, yeah! Oh man, I'm so glad scientists invented a machine to make fictional characters real.
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